Geosystem is the supplier of Reinforced Earth Wall System based in Asia

Business fieldBusiness field

@Geosystem is founded in Osaka Japan on 1989 as the material supplier of Reinforced Earth Wall System that is available to plant green on its surface conforming to the environments and newly having begun to supply the concrete made wall surface suitable to the urban region on 1999 and on 2001 it has made the contract with TENAX Italy in the field of Geotextile in order to promote the business widely. The case histories in Japan are more than 13,800 in places and more than 2,380,000m2 in the wall surface area. @The joint venture companies have been established in Soul Korea on 2003 and in Shanghai China on 2005 and some construction results have been realized. Now itfs going to expand the business field into Hanoi Vietnam in order to promote the business activities around Asia.

Corporate Governance

President Chiaki Kai President
Chiaki Kai

Engagement in Society
We contribute to our future by the technology supporting our safe and comfortable life.
Engagement in Customers
We build the peace and relief offering of higher engineering and quality services.
Engagement in Staffs
We aim at being No.1 enterprise with higher reliability under the continuous challenge.

The general features of Geosystem

Company name Geosystem Co.,Ltd.
Foundation 1989
President Chiaki KAI
Head Office Tokyo, Osaka
Branch Office Sendai, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Matsuyama, Fukuoka, Kumamoto
Business Office Morioka, Fukushima, Wakayama, Shimane, Tokushima, Oita, Kagoshima
Business Field Sales of Materials for Reinforced Earth Wall System
Support of Design of Reinforced Earth Wall System
Explanations of Construction Procedure at the job site of Reinforced Earth Wall System
Belonging Organizations Japan Chapter of International Geosynthetics Society
The Japanese Geotechnical Society
The Society of Materials Science, Japan
Construction Engineering Research Institute Foundation